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EMF Shielding Tranquility Blanket

EMF Shielding Tranquility Blanket

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The Tranquility Blanket was meticulously designed to maximize rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Crafted from responsibly produced ultra soft velour, it measures 52" x 67" and is generously sized for ultimate coziness.


We designed the healthiest and most luxurious blanket we possibly could to bring MOre JOy and healing to your daily life.

  • Features

    Crafted from responsibly produced ultra soft velour, the blanket measures 52" x 67" and is generously sized for ultimate coziness. It has a neutral tone named "Cloudburst" on one side that compliments any decor, and a gorgeous "Jubilee" blue-green that beckons colors of the sea on the other.


    The velour shell has small air pockets which keep you at the perfect temperature year round.  The low-maintenance fabric is also quick to dry and can be (delicately) washed. It’s hand sewn with love by artisan crafters in small batches to ensure its superior quality. The edges are finished with fine satin, to give it an elegant framed look while being soft to the touch.


    To top it off, our EMF shielding 
    Tranquility Blanket protects you from over 99% of electric magnetic frequencies (EMFs) with comfort + style to bring you more joy. 

  • Tech Specs

    This blanket is designed to  block over 99.9% of ambient high frequency wireless RF EMF and 5G radiation up to 10 GHz. 


    It is interlined with a high performance RF shielding fabric made from proprietary high-tech material and process technologies, to block over 99.9% of RF EMF radiations (30MHz -10 GHz), such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, tablets, laptops, wireless devices, 5G wireless, etc. The interlining is a finely woven conductive fabric made of 100% Nylon filaments coated with Copper and Nickel metallized polymer.

    Its composition and unique weave construction effectively blocks common electro magnetic radiation and radio frequencies.



    This product and /or technologies listed has not been evaluated by FDA and is not intended for to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or medical conditions.

  • Care Instructions

    We understand hand washing is almost impractical for this size of a blanket, so we designed it for a delicate wash and dry cycle.


    Crafting your new favorite blanket is important to us, and we took the time to test it out.  Even after several delicate wash cycles, the Tranquility Blanket is gorgeous, as seen in the listing photos.  The luxurious texture remains throughout.


    Like many blankets, it is not intended for frequent washing. Please refer to wash care label or contact us for any specific queries.


    Do not use bleach, oxy, softeners, perfume, dry-clean, etc. Wash separately. Once washed and tumble dried it will bounce back and generally will not need ironing; in rare cases if required, please use the lowest delicate setting on an iron with quick movements. Keep away from extended sunlight exposure.  



A portion of every dollar will be donated to our non-profit, MOJO Health Information. 

We are committed to building a  brighter future for people with cancer!

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